MSc in Sociology

This taught course provides training for careers in social research and prepares students for doctoral work in Sociology. The course has four main components: Sociological Analysis, Research Methods, Optional Papers, and Thesis.
For more information about how to apply to the MSc Sociology (full- or part-time), please visit the course homepage on the University of Oxford website which provides details about:


The MSc in Sociology is offered on both a full-time (one-year) and part-time (two-year) basis. The degree and expectations for both modes of study are equally rigorous: part-time students take their classes with the full time students, but spread their study over two years to accommodate work and personal circumstances.

In the first two terms, full-time students take Sociological Analysis, Research Methods (consisting of Research Design, Qualitative Methods, and Statistical Methods) and two Optional Papers. After the second term, they work on research for their MSc Thesis and sit Exams during the third term.


By choosing two Optional Papers and a related thesis topic students can create various specialised pathways with expert supervision and teaching. Here are some potential supervisors in each main area:

The Thesis

The MSc Thesis consists of a sociological analysis which you carry out under the guidance of your supervisor, and is submitted on or before 1 September.

Part-time students will write their dissertations in the third term of their second year and submit by 1 September of that second year, but will be encouraged to start planning their thesis from their first year.