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Jonathan Lusthaus

Associate Professor in Global Sociology & Director of the Human Cybercriminal Project


Dr Jonathan Lusthaus is Director of The Human Cybercriminal Project and an Associate Professor in Global Sociology in the Department of Sociology (a joint appointment held with the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies). He is also a Governing Body Member of St Antony's College.

Jonathan’s research focuses on the "human" side of profit-driven cybercrime: who cybercriminals are and how they are organised. He is a regular speaker at major conferences, such as Black Hat, Enigma and the International Conference on Cyber Security. Jonathan has also written widely across academic, policy and media publications, including for the European Journal of Sociology, the Council on Foreign Relations and The New York Times.

He is the author of Industry of Anonymity: Inside the Business of Cybercrime published by Harvard University Press. Fieldwork for this study took place over a 7-year period, involved travel to cybercrime hotspots around the globe, and included almost 250 interviews with law enforcement, the private sector, and former cybercriminals. 

Jonathan holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Oxford, where he was a Clarendon Scholar.



Lusthaus, J. 2018. Industry of Anonymity: Inside the Business of Cybercrime. (Harvard University Press)

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