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Leigh Payne

Professor of Sociology


Leigh A. Payne is Professor of Sociology and Latin America at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford. She is the author of a number of books, book chapters, and articles on transitional justice.

Among her publications in the last five years are: Confessions to Intimate Violence: FARC Confessions to Sexual Violations in the Colombian Conflict (2024); The Right against Rights in Latin America (2023); Understanding Collaborators (2022); Disappearances in the Post-Transition Era in Latin America (2021); and Transitional Justice and Corporate Accountability from Below: Deploying Archimedes’ Lever (2021). She is also the co-author of Transitional Justice in Balance and the co-editor of Amnesty in the Age of Human Rights Accountability.

Based on her research findings, Payne has been involved in numerous academic-practitioner impact projects around the world. For her academic research and policy impact work, she has received grants from foundations including Open Society, Ford, Oak, Newton, and Zennström. She has also received funding from research councils, including the Economic and Social Research Council (UK), Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK), British Academy, and National Science Foundation (US).

Professor Payne received her PhD in Political Science at Yale University. Her full CV can be found here.

Research Areas: Latin American Studies, Transitional Justice, Social Movements, Human Rights



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Payne, L.A., Pereira, G., Bernal-Bermúdez. 2021. Justicia transicional y la rendición de cuentas de actores económicos, desde abajo: desplegando la palanca de Arquímedes. (Bogotá: Dejusticia; Universidad de los Andes)

Payne, L.A., Pereira, G., Bernal-Bermúdez. 2020. Transitional Justice and Corporate Accountability from Below: Deploying Archimedes’ Lever. (Cambridge University Press)

Other Publications


Leigh's teaching has focused on the sociology of Latin America and also on human rights. She has supervised doctoral and masters student research on human rights, transitional justice, memory, corporate human rights, Latin American social movements, women's movements, violent groups, and indigenous movements. She welcomes applications in these areas and in other related fields.