The Migration of Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Citizens to the UK


Principal Investigator: Man Yee Kan

Associate Researcher: Lindsay Richards


This project aims to produce important data and findings of the migration of Hong Kong British National Overseas citizens to the UK. We will estimate the size, as well as the skills, income, educational and demographic profiles of the Hong Kong people who plan to migrate to the UK.

We will also collect information about their migration planning, including the timing of migration, employment and living arrangement. We will conduct surveys with random samples of Hong Kong people to gather representative estimates of the numbers who plan to migrate, and information on the drivers of the migration decision. Our surveys will emphasise the roles of social networks and economic resources in Hong Kong, and how these interact with views of the political situations to unpick the complex forces going into migration decisions.

We will investigate complexities of choice: including migration as a back-up plan, the roles of networks in the destination country, on knowledge of the destination housing and labour markets, to assess the impacts of migration on individuals and families.