Jessica Anania

portrait of Jessica Anania

Jessica Anania

DPhil in Sociology

Thesis: 'Truth commissions' inclusion of gender-based violence'

Supervisor: Leigh Payne

Jessica’s DPhil research examines transitional justice – particularly truth commissions – and their inclusion of gender-based violence. Transitional justice describes mechanisms implemented to address human rights violations occurring during periods of armed conflict, authoritarian rule, or other sustained period of abuse. Her DPhil draws from the creation and analysis of several global, cross-comparative datasets on truth commissions and gender-based violence, investigating both the inclusion of gender violence and the impact of that inclusion post-transition.

Outside of her DPhil, Jessica’s work focuses on the intersection of gender, fragile and transitional contexts, and public health. She is a consultant for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and was previously a research assistant and fellow with the Blavatnik School of Government’s Oxford Coronavirus Government Response Tracker. Jessica also holds an MPhil with distinction in Conflict Resolution from Trinity College Dublin, as well as undergraduate degrees in Journalism, Political Science and Psychology from the University of Missouri (summa cum laude).