Family dynamics: Establishing an on-site facility for accessing Japanese data for comparative research in Japan and UK


Principal Investigator: Man Yee Kan

Associate Researcher: Ekaterina Hertog


This project makes a pioneering effort in setting up an onsite facility in the Department of Sociology that would offer the UK and other Europe-based researches access to the data on time use and other surveys from the Japanese Statistics Bureau and Japanese National Statistics Centre. The data has never been accessible remotely before and this joint initiative of UK and Japanese institutions will significantly enhance the overall accessibility of the data outside Japan.

This is the first time when such data is being made available outside Japan and having such a facility creates a unique opportunity for UK and EU researchers across a number of academic disciplines (e.g. labour economics, demography, sociology) to use this data. Access to this collection of high quality data will certainly lead to an increased interest in doing research on Japan among quantitative sociologists, economists, demographers and all social scientists at all career stages.

The project will strengthen already ongoing collaboration between the Oxford Department of Sociology, Hitotsubashi University in Japan, and the Japanese National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.