'Sugar and Bullets': Investigating the Efficacy of Indigenous People(s)' Protest in Latin America | Dr Anna P. Krausova

​​Speaker: Dr Anna P. Krausova, ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford 

Location: Department of Sociology, University of Oxford, 42-43 Park End Street OX1 1JD

OrganiserDr Anna P. Krausova & Dr Raheel Dhattiwala

Attendance Arrangements: Free Event. Open to all members of the University. This week the seminar will be online for all MSc, MPhil and DPhil students with surnames starting with A to M. MSc, MPhil and DPhil students with surnames starting with N to Z, as well as departmental faculty and researchers can join in person. The talk will be preceded by a light lunch at 12.30 for those attending. Contact the Graduate Studies Administrator if you haven't received a Teams meeting link. 

Bolivia had an indigenous president for 13 years until 2019, and the current constitutional assembly in Chile is presided over by an indigenous Mapuche woman. However, indigenous people(s)' protest in Latin America, especially against extractive industries, continues to be often heavily repressed and successful cases are few and far between. While Northern social movement scholarship continues to debate whether contentious collective action can make a difference, scholarship on this topic from and about Latin America often takes the causal impact of indigenous protest for granted. Based on both quantitative and qualitative research, this talk will shed light on when and how indigenous protests in Latin America have been able to meet their stated aims. At the same time, it will also discuss the dynamics and pitfalls of conducting qualitative research with at-risk populations, in the context of often heavy state repression, setting the stage for the rest of the seminar series, which brings together a number of speakers dealing with or themselves experiencing various levels of risk in their research.