Events, My Dear Boy, Events | Michael Biggs

Free Event. Open to all members of the University. Online / in-person attendance arrangements to follow.

Speaker: Michael Biggs, Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor in Sociology and Fellow of St Cross College

Location: Department of Sociology, University of Oxford, 42-43 Park End Street OX1 1JD. This seminar will be online for all MSc, MPhil and DPhil students with surnames starting with N to Z - join by Microsoft Teams link in this week's Oxford Sociology News. MSc, MPhil and DPhil students with surnames starting with A to M, as well as departmental faculty and researchers can join in person. The talk will be preceded by a light lunch at 12.30 for those attending in person.

OrganiserMichael Biggs, Department of Sociology

According to legend, when Harold Macmillan was asked what he feared most as Prime Minister, he replied ‘Events, my dear boy, events’. The importance of events in the study of social movements and collective protest is the subject of this talk. The first part considers events as data, in a tradition that began with the collection of strike statistics in the nineteenth century and was invigorated in the 1960s with compilation of events from newspapers. The second part of the talk considers methods for the analysis of events, including the event-history analysis of diffusion.

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