Oxford Sociology invites applications for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024

Oxford Sociology invites applications for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024

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*Please note, this opportunity has now closed*

Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 10 June 2024
MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme applications close: 11 September 2024

Oxford Sociology invites Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to participate in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowships Scheme 2024*Applications for Global Fellowships can be considered subject to confirmation of the arrangement with the institution hosting Fellows during their outgoing phase.

MSCA Fellowships are highly flexible funding schemes offered to experienced researchers with a minimum of PhD level experience who move to be based at the hosting institution, where they will work with their supervisors to deliver a specific project involving research, innovation, training and networking activities. The funding guarantees mobility and financial independence with a generous set of allowances.

Sociology at Oxford has a strong analytical, empirical and comparative orientation with a focus on developing and testing theories that engage with real world problems. Our strengths include statistical analysis of social surveys, social demography, collection management and analysis of complex datasets, the development of rational choice theory, microsocial experiments and simulation studies. 

We would be happy to host MSCA Fellows whose research profile falls or overlaps with the following research areas:

  • Social inequalities of gender, class, and ethnicity (including mobility, labour market and social class inequalities)
  • Families, population, and demography
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Crime, justice and governance
  • Social movements and political sociology
  • Environmental sociology
  • Digital Societies, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Networks analysis 

If you are interested in applying for the scheme with the Department please fill in the application form

Please also read the Guidance for Applicants and FAQ documents on the funders’ website and the eligibility criteria

Proposals are expected to be built around a Career Development Plan (CDP) at the host organisation. In addition to research activities and objectives, the CDP should address the researcher's training and career needs, including developing transferable skills, planning for publications and participation in conferences.

The call for EOI applications with Oxford Sociology closes at 5pm on 10th June 2024. 

The overall call for MSCA applications closes on 11th September 2024. If you want to apply with us you will need to complete the EOI form by 10th June. Selected candidates will then be contacted and invited to submit their applications developed to the ‘final draft’ by 15th July. You can view the Funder's application template here. Full applications will be required by the Sociology Department internal deadline on 27th August 2024.

Please email research@sociology.ox.ac.uk with any questions.

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  • Read the Guidance for Applicants and FAQ documents on the funders’ website
  • Make sure you meet all eligibility criteria
  • Register your interest by sending your EOI by 10th June 2024.
  • List of attachments required to support your EOI:
    • (1) Applicant’s CV;
    • (2) A max 4-page project outline that would provide an overview of the:
    • *Excellence: Quality and pertinence of the project’s research and innovation; level of novelty, appropriate consideration of inter/multidisciplinary and gender aspects; methodology; quality of the supervision and two-way transfer of knowledge between the researcher and the host; quality and appropriateness of the researcher’s professional experience and skills.
    • *Impact: Suitability and quality of the measures to maximise expected outcomes; credibility of the measures to enhance the career prospects and skills of the researcher; the importance of the project’s expected scientific, societal and economic impacts.
    • *Implementation: Quality and effectiveness of the work plan and assessment of risks.
  • The internal evaluation and selection panel will assess all EOIs received within the deadline in accordance with the EC selection criteria for the scheme: 1) Excellence; 2) Impact; 3) Quality and Efficiency of the Implementation.
  • Selected Applicants will work closely with the departmental and central University research support teams to complete the application to its top quality.


European Postdoctoral Fellowship

Applicant’s Nationality

Any nationality


12-24 months

If requested and justified in the proposal, an additional period of up to six months can be awarded for a placement at a non-academic organisation in an EU Member State or Horizon Europe Associated Country.


Cannot have resided or carried out their main activity in the UK for more than 12 months in the three years immediately before the call deadline.


On 11th September, in possession of a PhD (or have successfully defended doctoral thesis) and no more than 8 years full-time postdoctoral research experience


Fellow will move or have moved from any country to the UK


Entire Fellowship hosted in Oxford


Optional, in EU Member or Associated countries only, cannot exceed one third of the standard fellowship duration and should be in line with the project objectives.


Optional. An additional period of up to six months to support researchers seeking a placement at the end of the project to work on R&I projects in an organisation from the non-academic sector in an EU Member or Associated country. Placements must be an integral part of the proposal and are subject to evaluation. Letter of commitment from placement host organisation is mandatory with application.

Monthly Allowances (full time)

Living: €5,990 | Mobility €710 | Family €660 (if applicable) | Long-term leave allowance €6,700 (e.g. parental leave if applicable)

Subject to taxes on-costs and country correction coefficients