Richard Breen

Richard Breen

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Richard Breen

Professor of Sociology


Richard Breen is Professor of Sociology and a Fellow of Nuffield College.  He works in the areas of inequality, mobility, and quantitative methods. During his career he has been William Graham Sumner Professor of Sociology at Yale (2007-15), an Official Fellow of Nuffield College (2001-2006), and Professor of Sociology at the European University Institute (1997-2001) and at Queen's University, Belfast (1991-97). He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Member of the Royal Irish Academy, and a Member of Academia Europaea.

Research Areas: Social Inequality, Social Stratification, Quantitative Methods



Richard has supervised doctoral and masters student research on inequality, intergenerational mobility, and family sociology. He is particularly interested in the relationship between demography and inequality and in quantitative methodological topics, especially the question of how to identify and estimate causal effects using observational data. He would be happy to supervise students working on any of these topics.