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Richard Breen

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Richard Breen

Professor of Sociology, Fellow of Nuffield College


Richard Breen is Professor of Sociology and a Fellow of Nuffield College.  He works in the areas of inequality, mobility, and quantitative methods. During his career he has been William Graham Sumner Professor of Sociology at Yale (2007-15), an Official Fellow of Nuffield College (2001-2006), and Professor of Sociology at the European University Institute (1997-2001) and at Queen's University, Belfast (1991-97). He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Member of the Royal Irish Academy, and a Member of Academia Europaea.

Research Areas: Social Inequality, Social Stratification, Quantitative Methods



I have supervised doctoral and masters student research on inequality, intergenerational mobility, and family sociology. I am particularly interested in the relationship between demography and inequality and in quantitative methodological topics, especially the question of how to identify and estimate causal effects using observational data. I would be happy to supervise students working on any of these topics.