Morten Kjær Thomsen

Morten Kjær Thomsen

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Morten Kjær Thomsen

DPhil in Sociology (PRS)

Thesis: 'Life Trajectories of Gender Minority Individuals: a Quantitative Perspective'

Supervisor: Christiaan Monden

Morten is a DPhil student at the Department of Sociology and Worcester College, University of Oxford.

For his doctoral research, Morten examines living conditions among gender minority individuals. He works with survey and register data to establish life trajectories and potential inequalities in health, education, and on the labour market.

Morten’s doctoral studies are funded by a Clarendon Fund Scholarship.

Prior to joining the Department of Sociology, Morten obtained degrees in psychology from the University of Copenhagen (BSc and MSc) and the University of Cambridge (MPhil). He previously worked as a clinical psychologist and with a governmental research institution.

Research Interests: Inequality; Quantitative Methods; Gender Studies; Psychopathology; Labour Market; Intersectionality; Discrimination