Johanna Arnardottir

Visiting Period: 2010

Johanna Arnardottir

I am working on my doctoral thesis but the working title is: Transition from school to work. Equal Opportunities or Social Exclusion? The overall goal is to give more understanding of youths' situation in the transition from school to work and especially among those that are inactive in Iceland. I compare occupational opportunties by different educational pathways and is trying to explain why some youths are not in employment, education or training. Data is based on the Icelandic Labour Force survey in 2006-2008 and the second quarter in 2009 where an ad hoc module on the entry into the labour market was added to LFS. The situation in Iceland will be compared to other European countries based on data published by OECD and EUROSTAT.

Supervisor is Stefan Olafsson professor in Sociology at the University of Iceland and vice-supervisor is Helgi Gunnlaugsson also professor in Sociology. It is funded by the Memory fund of E_var_ Sigur_sson run by the Icelandic Confederation of Labor, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security and supported by Technical College Reykjavik.

My visit to Oxford is part of my doctoral study in sociology at the University of Iceland. I am attending courses, seminars, libraries as well as working on my doctoral thesis. I hope to achieve better theoretical and methodological understanding for my project and meet people working on similar projects.