Gabriella Elgenius

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Gabriella Elgenius

Associate Professor in Sociology (Reader/ Docent), Department of Sociology and Work Science, Gothenburg University

Dr Elgenius is currently working on four major research projects:

  • Identities and social action: Are Traditional identities in Decline? - Funded by the ESRC (Summary of Findings)
  • To what extent does 'homeland' matter for Diaspora communities in Britain? - funded by the British Academy Fellowship and the John Fell Fund
  • Identity politics and symbolism: Symbols of nations and nationalism: Celebrating Nationhood - Funded by the Marie Curie Fellowship
    • Sample of reviews: European Societies, Nations and Nationalism, Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies, European Journal of Sociology
  • National Museums in Europe, Diversity, Citizenshiop and Repartriation of Cultural Heritage (funded by the ERC)
    • EuNaMus: Identity Politics, the Uses of the Past and the European Citizen: European National Museums.

Research areas: Ethnicity, Diaspora, Nationalism, Identity, and Qualitative Methods.