Daniela Irrera

Visiting Period: 2012

Daniela Irrera

Visiting Fellow from the University of Catania

Daniela Irrera is Visiting Fellow at the Department of Sociology during Michaelmas Term 2012.

Irrera is Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Catania, where she teaches International Politics and Global civil society. PhD in International Relations at the University of Catania, she has been Research Assistant at the Stony Brook University, New York; Visiting Fellow at the Clinton Institute for American Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland; Fulbright Alumni of the Study of the United States Institute on National Security of the US Department of State, (University of Delaware, January-February, 2009); Visiting Fellow at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Irrera is Member of the executive committee of the Standing Group on Organised Crime, European Consortium for Political Research. Member of the academic board of the series of workshops on "The EU policy on organised crime between Stockholm and Lisbon”, supported by the DG Education and Culture. She has published in the areas of International Relations and EU politics, dealing with global terrorism, transnational organised crime, civil society and humanitarian affairs.

In Oxford she is expected to work on a research about transnational organized crime and multilateralism.