Cihan Ünsal

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Cihan Ünsal

DPhil in Sociology

Thesis: The Blood Cells of the Leviathan: Understanding the Production, Re-Production, and Non-Production of Turkish and Turkish Cypriot “Nations” Through the Pluralism of Turkish Nationalisms

Supervisor: Professor Heather Hamill

I am a DPhil student at St Cross College, University of Oxford.

My research interests, like those of most sociologists, focuses on the very broad questions of how we—both as humans in general and as sociologists in particular—perceive the societies and social categories that surround us, how we produce and reproduce them, and how we prevent them from being produced and reproduced.

I am also asking these questions within the context of my DPhil research, albeit with a specific focus on the concepts of nationhood and nationalism.

My research employs a variety of qualitative methodologies to examine the production, re-production, and non-production of the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot nations using a perspective that centres on the pluralism of Turkish nationalisms. In using the term “nationalisms,” I intend to offer a novel theoretical viewpoint on nationalism studies.

Apart from my sociology studies, I have an interest in literature and cinema, and I hope to produce some works in these artistic fields in the future.

Research Interests: Nationalism and ethnicity; political and civil violence; death, dying, and suicide; religion, religious groups, and secularisation; film and media studies

Previous Education: BA Economics & BA Sociology, Koç University; MSc Sociology, University of Oxford