Christiaan Monden

christiaan monden

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Christiaan Monden

Director of Graduate Studies & Professor of Sociology and Demography


I have an eclectic/elastic interest in sociological and demographic questions around family, health & mortality, and social inequality. I am interested in how societies differ in who lives with whom, who gets how much of the good and bad stuff in life, and how (un)fortune in life is related to who your family are.

Here are some recent projects that I continue to work on while I'm developing some new lines of research as well:

  1. In FAMSIZEMATTERS, an ERC-funded project of which I was the PI, we study various questions about the link between family size and (the reproduction of) social inequalities.
  2. CritEvents - Critical Life Events and the Dynamics of Inequality - was a Norface ERA-NET funded project, part of DIAL, with partners in Amsterdam (Leopold PI), Lausanne, Florence, and Stockholm. We studied how the risk of and vulnerability to critical events - union dissolution and job loss - is socially patterned, how this has changed over time, and which social policies are relevant for these associations.
  3. The Global Family Change project, spearheaded from Penn with partners in Oxford (Nuffield), CED/Barcelona, McGill/Montreal and Bocconi/Milan, explores the complex ways in which families are changing across low and middle-income countries

Research Areas: Social Inequality, Demography, Population Studies, Family Sociology, Health and Well-Being, Quantitative Methods.


I have had the privilege to work with wonderful students and postdoctoral researchers over the years.

Current PhD (DPhil) students:

  • Mariana de Araujo Cunha
  • Carla Rowold
  • Jiaxin Shi
  • Shoudeng Zhang
  • Alicia Garcia Sierra
  • Morten Thomson
  • Antonino Polizzi
  • Ruonan Ji
  • Henrik Schubert

Former PhD (DPhil) students:


Former Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Liliana Andriano (Lecturer in Social Demography & Global Health, University of Southampton)
  • Seongsoo Choi (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Yonsei University)
  • Deni Mazrekaj (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Utrecht University)
  • Patrick Präg (Assistant Professor of Sociology, CREST/ENSAE)
  • Paula Sheppard (Lecturer, University of Oxford)
  • Zachary van Winkle (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Sciences Po)
  • Nicole Kapelle (Research and Teaching Fellow, Humboldt University)
  • Ryohei Mogi (Postdoctoral researcher, University of Southern Denmark)
  • Lewis Anderson (Postdoctoral researcher, University of Oxford)