Palaeodigital | Kate Fox

​​Speaker: Kate Fox

Location: Department of Sociology, University of Oxford, 42-43 Park End Street OX1 1JD

OrganiserHeather Hamill, Department of Sociology

Attendance Arrangements: Free Event. Open to all members of the University. This week the seminar will be online for all MSc, MPhil and DPhil students with surnames starting with A to M. MSc, MPhil and DPhil students with surnames starting with N to Z, as well as departmental faculty and researchers can join in person. The talk will be preceded by a light lunch at 12.30 for those attending. Contact the Graduate Studies Administrator if you haven't received a Teams meeting link. 

​​Seminar Description: 'The current moral panic over screens, smartphones and social media is a verbatim replica of moral panics over 'social technology' since the 15th century. Such panics are a time-wasting distraction, sucking attention and resources away from the real causes of psychological and societal problems.  I will present an introduction to my book-in-progress - working title: 'Palaeodigital' - in which I use an evolutionary perspective (niche construction theory) to suggest a new way of thinking about human social use of technology. My approach focuses on basic human psychological needs and the social conditions (micro and macro) that facilitate or thwart satisfaction of these needs.'
- Kate Fox