Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis

The course is aimed at those who know nothing about, or need a refresher on, the logic of quantitative data analysis. It is suitable for those who themselves need to do simple data analysis. Also for those responsible for commissioning or supervising data analysis who don’t want to take everything on trust.

In under six hours we will cover: samples and populations; empirical distributions – graphing & describing them; the normal distribution; Z-scores; sampling distributions; confidence intervals for means & proportions; one group & two group hypothesis tests for means & proportions; χ2 test for contingency tables.

By the end of the day you will understand the basic underlying logic of how to make inferences from sample data. The course will give you a solid foundation for taking more advanced courses and the confidence to read with understanding reports and articles that use these simple techniques.

Though it is not a course about coding all of the methods will be illustrated with examples using R in the RStudio environment. Example code will be available for participants to take away and use themselves. 

The course is delivered in person and is not available online.

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Course Fee: £220

Discretionary Rate: £180*

Two Course Bundle: £400
Bundle Discretionary Rate: £320*

*The discretionary rate applies to any participant currently enrolled on a university-level course. 

Fees are inclusive of refreshments, a sandwich lunch and PDF copies of all teaching materials. 

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