The Mafia - organised crime: Federico Varese on Radio 4's Thinking Allowed
22 Sep 2017

The Mafia and organised crime from Sicily to Japan and the UK. 

How free trade can make you fat
20 Jul 2017

‘The North American Free Trade Agreement may have dramatically changed the Canadian diet by boosting consumption of high-fructose corn syrup’, a new study by DPhil student Pepita Barlow suggests.

Generational and class gaps in attitudes on fees, polling finds
20 Jul 2017

Tuition fees rank marginally above animal rights on list of voting priorities – but young people assign higher importance. Steve Fisher helps the Times Higher Education to sort through the polling data.

Sociogentics research featured in BSA Network
11 Jul 2017

‘Genetics research: not in our nature?’ looks at the work of Professor Melinda Mills and her team working on the Sociogenome, SOCGEN and Wellcome Trust projects – calling it ‘the latest in the nature-nurture debate’.

Destitution is back. And we can’t just ignore it
05 Jul 2017

More than a million people in the UK experienced destitution in 2015 and those most likely to face it are unsurprisingly those hardest hit by welfare cuts.

Speed Data: Why the Remain vote swung sharply—while Leave voters stayed put
26 Jun 2017

8th June defied expectations—and unfolded in very different ways in different kinds of seats – Steve Fisher explains in Prospect magazine.

Divorce falls to lowest levels for 45 years
22 Jun 2017

Professor Christiaan Monden speaks to the Financial Times about changes in the patterns of marriage and divorce.

Dr Stephen Fisher discusses Conservative deal with DUP
14 Jun 2017

On Tuesday 13 June, Dr Steve Fisher spoke on BBC Radio Oxford’s Kat Orman Show, discussing the prospect of a Conservative deal with the DUP and how that would affect Northern Ireland.

Labour poll surge thanks to not just younger, but also older women
06 Jun 2017

Rosalind Shorrocks and Stephen Fisher analyse the polls ahead of the General Election

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