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Prof Anthony Heath's Research Findings Cited in the Guardian Blog
16 Jun 2014

Prof Anthony Heath attended an event at the House of Lords on June 12th, 2014 and his research findings were cited in the Guardian Datablog

Prof Jonathan Gershuny gives speech at House of Lords
11 Jun 2014

Prof Jonathan Gershuny delivered a speech at House of Lord party for ISER' 25 anniversary on June 11th, 2014.

Programmes application deadline - Friday 30th May 2014
27 May 2014

All programmes will be closed to applications with effect from Friday 30th May 2014

CTUR post-industrial work and leisure research attracts international media interest
19 May 2014

 Rich, well-educated men and women are working much longer hours than those on low incomes, according to a new working paper by the Centre for Time Use Research (CTUR) at the University of Oxford.

Rima Majed (DPhil candidate) appointed to Qatar University
08 May 2014


Qatar University has appointed Rima Majed to an Assistant Professorship in Sociology, which she will take up in September 2014. Her thesis, supervised by Dr Michael Biggs, is titled 'From Political Protest to Sectarian Violence: The Case of the Sunni-Shiite Split in Lebanon.'


Washington Post features research on Egyptian protest
07 Apr 2014


Neil Ketchley (a doctoral student at LSE) and Dr Michael Biggs have collaborated on an online survey of Egyptians protesting against the coup. They discuss preliminary results in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog: 'What is the Egyptian anti-coup movement protesting for?'


Prof Federico Varese gives evidence to Italian Parliament
01 Apr 2014

On Monday the 31st of March, Prof Federico Varese gave evidence in front of the Anti-Mafia Commission of the Italian Parliament via video link. The issues discussed related to the fight against organized crime in Europe and the upcoming Presidency of Italy of the European Union. His testimony will be transcribed and enter the official record of the Italian Parliament.

Smarter People Trust More
27 Mar 2014

A recently published findings by DPhil Candidate Noah Carl and Professor Francesco Billari has been featured in a number of news outlets this week, including Forbes and the Atlantic. Their research has found that people who ranked higher in 'generalised trust' also scored more highly on verbal ability and question comprehension. The findings come from analysis of the General Social Survey in the United States.

Dr Stephen Fisher discusses predictions for 2015 election on BBC's Daily Politics & Sunday Politics
21 Mar 2014

Dr Stephen Fisher was interviewed today by BBC's Daily Politics and Sunday Politics on a segment on the 2015 election results: bookmaker vs political sociologist.

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