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Centre for Demographic Science to launch with £10m from Leverhulme Trust
11 Jan 2019

Oxford University is to launch a new Centre for Demographic Science with £10 million funding from the Leverhulme Trust. The Trust today made the announcement as part of their annual Leverhulme Research Centre awards.

Scientists call for increased diversity in genomic research
07 Jan 2019

Work by Professor Melinda Mills and Dr Charles Rahal has highlighted a lack of diversity in the people studies in genetic discovery research, with over 70% of subjects coming from either the UK, the USA, or Iceland.  Read the full article here.

‘Why should I trust you with my money?’ - New Article in the BJC
11 Dec 2018

Professor Federico Varese's article " ‘Why should I trust you with my money?’: Credible commitments in the Informal Economy in China" looks at the illegal transfer of money in China, and has been published in the British Journal of Criminology.

Congratulations to Man Yee Kan and Ekaterina Hertog for winning an ESRC AHRC UK-Japan connection grant!
10 Dec 2018

The grant will be used to foster collaboration on comparative research into gender and family dynamics between the ERC GenTime research team ( and researchers of Hitotsubashi University, Japan, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Japan, National Statistics Centre, Japan, and Statistics Bureau of Japan.  The research network will work closely together to enhance the access to Japanese survey data for UK-based researchers.

Research by Professor Stephen Fisher in The Guardian
10 Dec 2018

Research by the Department of Sociology's Professor Stephen Fisher featured strongly in a Guardian article on the “ethnic penalty” faced by minority ethnic candidates in elections last week.  The article discusses both the problems facing minority ethnic candidates and the fairness of selection processes, and you can read the full piece here.

Being born working class is bad for your health...
12 Nov 2018

...and moving up the social ladder doesn’t compensate.  Patrick Präg and Lindsey Richards' article "showed that both origin and destination class matter. In fact, it seems that they each exert around the same level of influence. This means that your social class during childhood has a long reach and you cannot escape the health consequences of your social origins, even after climbing the social ladder all the way to the top."

Their article in The Conversation was picked up in the Independent, and their study was also published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Congratulations to Xuejie Ding on the successful completion of her DPhil!
01 Nov 2018

The Department would like to extend its congratulations to Xuejie Ding on the successful completion of her DPhil in Sociology, and wish her all the best in her future career.

Her thesis was entitled "Biosocial determinants of health outcomes: New approaches and evidence", and she was supervised by Professor Melinda Mills and Dr Nicola Barban.  Xuejie is now a postdoc here in the University of Oxford's Sociology Department!

Using Big Data for Measuring Global Gender Inequality
26 Oct 2018

Gaps in geographical coverage and infrequent production of gender-disaggregated data limit our ability to measure and monitor progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. With support through a ‘Big Data for Gender Challenge’ Award from the Data2X, an initiative of the UN Foundation, a project led by Ridhi Kashyap in the Department of Sociology in collaboration with the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) has been exploring how big data innovations can help with measuring and ‘nowcasting’ global gender inequalities.

Congratulations to Iris Po Yee Lo for First Prize in the Social Sciences Poster Presentation!
22 Oct 2018

The Department congratulates Iris Po Yee Lo on winning first prize in the poster presentation of the Social Sciences Welcome and Induction event. 

Is the Mafia Taking over Cybercrime?
14 Aug 2018

Dr Jonathan Lusthaus presented at Black Hat 2018 in Las Vegas on "Is the Mafia Taking over Cybercrime?", with coverage by Dark Reading and Axios.

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