Qiaoyu Luo completes DPhil and joins Department as postdoc working in organised crime

Qiaoyu Luo completes DPhil and joins Department as postdoc working in organised crime

Image of Qiaoyu Luo


Congratulations to Dr Qiaoyu Luo, who has just completed his DPhil in Sociology and now joins the Department as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

Qiaoyu's thesis focused on cybercrime, a sophisticated industry that inflicts millions of dollars in losses on the world economy. Yet, how do cybercriminals ensure their partners do not betray them? How are cybercriminal organisations structured and how are disputes resolved?

And how do these organisations overcome the problems brought by the anonymity synonymous with cyberspace?

Focusing on the context of China, Qiaoyu's research attempts to answer these questions from the angle of governance theory. 

Using primary interviews and secondary data, the thesis offers a rich description of how the cybercrime industry functions in China, what types of cybercrime proliferate in China, who the cybercriminals are, and most importantly, how cybercriminals successfully cooperate with each other, and how they resolve disputes in both the online and offline dimensions.

It also provides theoretical insights into the application of governance theory within the cyber context and helps to understand how cooperation is achieved in modern society and in cyberspace.

Qiaoyu previously worked as a prosecutor assistant in Shenzhen, having received an LLB degree from the University of Southampton in 2015 and passing the bar exam in China.

He acquired a master's degree in Crime Science from UCL before joining Oxford Sociology. He now joins the CRIMGOV research team as a Postdoctoral Researcher, working on the Forensic Epidemiology and Impact of Substandard and Falsified Antimicrobials on Public Health (FORESFA) project and the Social Network Analysis project. 

You can contact Dr Luo via email