New book by Takehiko Kariya: “Education, Equality, and Meritocracy in a Global Age: The Japanese Approach”

Takehiko Kariya, Professor in the Sociology of Japanese Society at Oxford, and Jeremy Rappleye, Associate Professor at Kyoto University, have co-authored a new book “Education, Equality, and Meritocracy in a Global Age: The Japanese Approach”, published this summer by Teachers College Press, Columbia University.

Kariya and Rappleye rethink the complex relationships among meritocracy, education, and equality from a global perspective. They focus on the Japanese model, long recognised globally for being one of the most equitable and meritocratic systems in the world.Looking at the country's educational history and policy shifts, the authors point to important comparative lessons for sociology and education research and show how the Japanese experience can inform global approaches to educational reform and policymaking.

Available now in paperback, hardback and as an open access ebook.


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Image of the book cover of education equality and meritocracy in a global age