Valeria Pizzini-Gambetta

Associate Research Fellow

My research is on strategic behaviour within the constraints of illegal settings. In particular I focus on social mechanisms of self-governance, individual accreditation, recruitment, and trust building in both organized crime and political underground groups.

Until now I have based on qualitative sources my work on gender and the Sicilian mafia, recruitment, and the strategic use of identity signalling and I am planning to integrate quantitative and qualitative data in further research on signalling underground groups identity. 

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2014 "Organised Crime: the Gender Constraints of Illegal Markets", in Rosemary Gartner, Bill McCarthy, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Sex, Gender and Crime, Oxford University Press

Working Papers

"Recruitment among Rebels and Mobsters: Shady Advertising" (with Heather Hamill)

"Mimics among Rebels: Design and Forgery of Violent Radical Groups Signatures. Italy 1969-1980"

"Women in the mafia: Opportunities before Emancipation"

"On the origins of the Sicilian Mafia" (with Tommy, E. Murphy, Bocconi University Milan)

"Red Brigades and Their Mimics. Italy 1969-1980", EUI/SPS Working Papers 2014/1