Takehiko Kariya

Professor in the Sociology of Japanese Society

College: St Antony's

Research Areas: Education, Social Stratification, Educational and Social Policies, Social Changes in Postwar Japan.

Member of Research Streams

  • Social inequality, mobility, education and labour markets

Email: Takehiko Kariya

Tel.: 01865 274577

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I joined the University of Oxford in 2008. After completing my BA and MA degrees at the University of Tokyo, I studied at Northwestern University in the US, where I got my PhD in sociology in 1988. After going back to Japan, I worked at the National Institute of Multimedia Education from 1988 to 1991, and then moved to the Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo, where I taught the sociology of education for almost two decades until I came to Oxford. My research interests cover sociology of education; social stratification and social mobility; social changes of Postwar Japan; social and educational policies.

My teaching at Oxford includes the Sociology of Japanese Society. I have supervised doctoral and masters students research on education, inequality, social organizations, and other social problems in Asian countries including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey.


Education Reform and Social Class in Japan, (2013), Routledge.

Books co-edited:

Challenges to Japanese Education: Economics, Reforms, and Human Rights , co-edited with June Gordon, Hidenori Fujita, and Gerald LeTender, Teachers College Press, 2010.

The State and Higher Education, co-edited with Roger Goodman, John Taylor, Symposium Books, 2013.

Journal Articles:

"The Twisted, Unintended Impacts of Globalization on Japanese Education," co-authored with Jeremy Rappleye, in Research in Sociology of Education, Volume 17, pp. 17–63, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2010.

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"Is everyone capable of becoming a 'good citizen' in Japanese society? Inequality and the Realization of the 'Good Citizen' education", Multicultural Education Review, vo.4 No.1, April 2012, pp.119-146.

Chapters in books:

"From Credential Society to 'Learning Capital' Society: A Rearticulation of Class Formation in Japanese Education and Society," in Social Class in Contemporary Japan, edited by Hiroshi Ishida and David H. Slater, Routledge, 2009.

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In addition, I have published 15 single-authored books as well as 13 edited or co-authored books in Japanese.