Rob Gruijters

Postdoctoral Researcher in Sociology, Humboldt University Berlin

Research Areas: Education, Social Stratification, Life Course.

I am currently postdoctoral researcher in sociology at the Humboldt University Berlin. I am interested in social stratification, educational inequality and life course research, with a particular focus on low- and middle income countries.
Previously, I was postdoctoral researcher in the project "Life Course and Family Dynamics in a Comparative Perspective" at the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford.
I completed doctoral thesis (“Beyond Filial Piety: Intergenerational Relations and Old Age Security in Contemporary China”) at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences.

My research has been published or is forthcoming in journals such as the Journal of Marriage and Family, Sociology and the Journal of Family Issues (see Google scholar).

Publications (peer-reviewed) 

Steinhilper, E. & and Gruijters, R.J. (forthcoming) "A Contested Crisis: Policy Narratives and Empirical Evidence on Border Deaths in the Mediterranean" Sociology

Gruijters, R.J. (forthcoming) "Daughters' and Sons' Remittances in Rural China: Findings from a National Survey", Journal of Family Issues

Gruijters, R.J. (2017) "Intergenerational Contact in Chinese Families: Structural and Cultural Explanations", Journal of Marriage and Family. pp. 1-11 doi:10.1111/jomf.12390.

Gruijters, R.J. (2017) "Family Care-giving and Living Arrangements of Physically Impaired Elders in Rural China", Ageing & Society, 37 (3), pp. 633-655, doi:10.1017/S0144686X15001397. Link

Also see Google Scholar: Link