Pierre Walthery

Postdoctoral Researcher, CTUR

Research Areas: Quantitative Methods.

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Email: Pierre Walthery

Tel.: 01865 284463

Pierre Walthery has been a research fellow at the Centre for Time Use Research since September 2014. His current project involves designing long term prediction of time use using mixed models, as well as looking at health-related behaviour as time use sequences throughout the day. He also contributes to the Multinational Time Use Study, focusing on historical data from Central and Eastern Europe. His long term interest lies in economic sociology with a focus on gender and spatial inequalities. He studied regional differences in the employment trajectories of mothers of young children in the UK and has co-authored publications on reversible working-time provisions and work-life balance satisfaction. He is also interested in the gendered consequences of the recession and spending cuts. More recently, he started working on the combined longitudinal and spatial dimensions of health inequalities, and has been researching the impact of area based intervention on health trajectories in deprived areas in England
His main quantitative expertise revolves around latent variable modelling of cross-sectional and longitudinal data, including structural equation, latent growth and latent class analysis.

Health inequalities, quantitative methods, work and employment, gendered economic behaviour, spatial analysis, latent variable modelling

Book chapters
Olsen W., Gash V., Heuvelman H., Walthery P. (2014) 'The Gender Pay Gap in the UK Labour Market', in Razzu G. (Ed) Gender Inequality in the Labour Market in the UK, Oxford, Oxford University Press pp. 52-75
Fagan C., Walthery P. (2013) 'Working-time Capabilities at the Workplace – Individual Adjustment Options between Full-time and Part-time Working in European Firms', in Hobson B. (Ed) Work-Life Balance: The Agency and Capabilities Gap across European and Asian Societies and within firms, Oxford, Oxford University Press
Fagan C., Walthery P. (2011) 'The impact of job quality on work-life balance satisfaction at key life stages in Europe', in Guillen A. and Drobnic S. (Eds) Work-life balance and job quality in Europe: taking stock , Basingstoke, Palgrave
Fagan, C., and Walthery, P (2007) 'The role and effectiveness of time policies for reconciliation of care responsibilities?' in OECD (Ed) Modernising Social Policy for the New life Course, OECD, Paris

Journal Articles
Walthery P, Stafford M, Nazroo J, Popay J, Whitehead M, Dibben C, Povall S, Halliday E. (Forthcoming in 2015) 'Health trajectories in regeneration areas in England: The New Deal for Communities intervention', Journal of Community and Epidemiology
Health Stafford M, Nazroo J, Popay J, Whitehead M, Walthery P, Dibben C, Povall S, Halliday E. (2014) 'Evaluating the health inequalities impact of area based initiatives across the socioeconomic spectrum' Journal of Community and Epidemiology Health 68:979-986
Walthery P. (Revise and Resubmit) 'Lost in space? Regional differences in the employment transitions of mothers of young children in the UK',Work, Employment and Society
Fagan C., Walthery P. (2011) 'Firm characteristics, organizational culture and reversible working-time adjustments in European companies', Social Politics, 18:2, pp. 269-299