Oriel Sullivan

Professor of Sociology of Gender and Co-Director, Centre for Time Use Research

Degree: BA, MSc, PhD

College: St Hugh's College

Research Areas: Time Use, Gender Practices in Household, Cultural Consumption.

Member of

Member of Research Streams

  • Research methods
  • Gender, family and households

Email: Oriel Sullivan

Tel.: 01865 284466

Areas of supervision

I have supervised doctoral and masters student research on topics relating to gender inequalities in work/family balance and the domestic division of labour. I am particularly interested in supervising students with an interest in time use research.

Current teaching

Sociology of Gender, MSc Option Course

Current D.Phil Students

  • Marte Bakkeng Bergen. Title: The Role of Parenthood in Reproducing Gender Differences in Paid and Unpaid Work
  • Sarah Masson.  Title: Unemployed men and breadwinner women: masculinities and femininities in times of mass unemployment in the UK
  • Giacomo Vagni.  Title: Family Time, Conjugal Time and Time With Others in Post-Industrial Societies

Recent internal and external examining

  • Marta Seiz, Pompau Fabra University
  • Pablo Garcia, PhD., Pompeu Fabra University, 2012
  • Jennifer Whillans, PhD. University of Manchester, 2012
  • Evrim Altintas, DPhil., Oxford University, 2012

Authored Books

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D.R. Rose and O. Sullivan. 1993. Introducing Data Analysis for Social Scientists. Buckingham: Open University Press, pp. 224(2nd edition 1996)

Refereed articles in academic journals (this century!)

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