Gabriella Elgenius

Associate Professor in Sociology, (Reader/ Docent) Department of Sociology and Work Science, Gothenburg University

College: Nuffield

Research Areas: Nationalism and Identity.

Ethnicity, Diaspora, Nationalism, Identity, and Qualitative Methods.

Dr Elgenius is currently working on four major research projects:

  1. Identities and social action: Are Traditional identities in Decline? - Funded by the ESRC (Summary of Findings)
  2. To what extent does 'homeland' matter for Diaspora communities in Britain? - funded by the British Academy Fellowship and the John Fell Fund
  3. Identity politics and symbolism: Symbols of nations and nationalism: Celebrating Nationhood - Funded by the Marie Curie Fellowship
  4. National Museums in Europe, Diversity, Citizenshiop and Repartriation of Cultural Heritage (funded by the ERC)


Elgenius, Gabriella. In process. The Success and Politics of Public and National Day Design: diversity, community and citizenship. Journal article details tbc

Elgenius, Gabriella. In process. Ethnicity, Diaspora and British identity. Journal article details tbc

Elgenius, Gabriella. In process. Politicizing Apology and Performing Egalitarianism: repatriation of cultural heritage and human remains between the 'Nordic' countries. Journal article details tbc

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