Charles Rahal

Postdoctoral Researcher in Quantitative Sociology

Charles is a post-doctoral social science methodologist with a background in high-dimensional econometrics, having completed his PhD in 2016. He is currently working on two primary projects. The first (entitled 'The Social Data Science of Healthcare Supply', funded by the British Academy) develops tools to analyse the procurement process within healthcare systems and the second develops machine learning and data scientific methods for answering questions in the field of behavioural genetics (John Fell Fund, Wellcome Trust). Other current research interests include applied econometrics (spatial and time series), real estate economics, social mobility and natural language processing.

Recent work includes:

Rahal, C. (2018), ‘The Keys to Unlocking Public Payments Data’, Kyklos, forthcoming.

Reeves, A., Friedman, S., Rahal, C. and Flemmen, M., (2017), ‘The Decline and Persistence of the Old Boy: Private Schools and Elite Group Recruitment 1897 to 2016’, American Sociological Review, Vol 82, Issue 6, pp. 1139-1166.

Tropf et al. [including Rahal, C.] (2017), ‘Hidden Heritability due to Heterogeneity Across Seven Populations’, Nature Human Behaviour, Vol 1, Issue 10, pp. 757-765.

Barassi, M. and Rahal, C. (2017), ‘Random Factor Composition in Dynamic Factor Models’, Working Paper, Revise and Resubmit.

Rahal, C. (2016), 'Housing Markets and Unconventional Monetary Policy', Journal of Housing Economics, Vol 32, pp. 67-80.

Rahal, C. (2016), "A Guide to the StatFact EViews Add-in", Computational Economics, Vol 48, Number 1, pp. 183-188.