Kasimir Dederichs

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Kasimir Dederichs

DPhil in Sociology

Thesis: 'Antecedents and consequences of volunteering - An investigation employing methods of causal inference'

Supervisor(s): Nan Dirk de Graaf and Richard Breen

I am a DPhil candidate in Sociology at Nuffield College. My research is supported by an ESRC grant and centers around voluntary organizations and volunteer work - important elements of individuals' social integration into society. In different projects, I look at inequalities in and heterogeneous consequences of voluntary involvement in Germany from various angles:

One of my papers (joint work with Hanno Kruse, University of Amsterdam) shows how adolescents reduce their participation as they grow older, and that socioeconomic disparities are largest at younger ages. In two other papers, I study gender segregation in voluntary organizations and the impact of voluntary involvement on individuals' network structures and social capital.

I also taught tutorials and seminars on Sociological Theory and Introductory Statistics.

Prior to starting my DPhil at the University of Oxford, I graduated from the University of Cologne in Germany with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Sciences and Sociology, respectively.

Research Interests: Voluntary organizations, volunteer work, social integration, social capital, social networks, quantitative methods

Publications: Dederichs, K., Kruse, H. (2022): Who Stays Involved? A Longitudinal Study on Adolescents' Participation in Voluntary Associations in Germany, 'European Sociological Review'. https://doi.org/10.1093/esr/jcac013