The Persistence of the Gendered Division of Domestic Labour

Published: Jan 2003 | Author(s): Richard Breen, Lynn Prince Cooke

Explaining Differences in Attitudes Towards Regional Devolution in England

Published: Nov 2002 | Author(s): Prof Anthony Heath, Catherine Rothon, Lindsey Jarvis

Heisei Yakuza: Burst Bubble and Bôtaihô

Published: Oct 2002 | Author(s): Peter Hill

Gendered Inequality: A Study of Educational Transitions in India

Published: Sep 2002 | Author(s): Divya Vaid

Would Perfect Mobility Be Perfect?

Published: May 2002 | Author(s): Dr Adam Swift

Divorce in the UK

Published: Jan 2001 | Author(s): Dr Tak Wing Chan, Brendan Halpin

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