What makes people tip? Motivations and Predictions

Published: Sep 2006 | Author(s): Diego Gambetta

The Japanese Mafia, Take Two: Postscript to the Paperback Edition

Published: Jun 2006 | Author(s): Peter Hill

The genesis of Norwegian sociology: a story of failures and success

Published: May 2006 | Author(s): Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund

The Instability of Divorce Risk Factors in the UK

Published: Jun 2005 | Author(s): Dr Tak Wing Chan, Brendan Halpin

Who Feels British

Published: May 2005 | Author(s): Prof Anthony Heath, Catherine Rothon, Robert Andersen

(Change in) Turnout and (Change in) the Left Share of the Vote

Published: Mar 2005 | Author(s): Stephen Fisher

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