Changing differences in the division of domestic labor; the case of education

Published: Jan 2011 | Author(s): Professor Oriel Sullivan

Is ethnicity or religion more important in explaining inequalities in the labour market?

Published: Feb 2010 | Author(s): Dr Jean Martin, Karin Bosveld

Leisure Inequality in the US: 1965-2003

Published: Jan 2010 | Author(s): Prof Jonathan Gershuny, Almudena Sevilla Sanz, Jose Ignacio Gimenez Nadal

An Occupational Status Scale for Russia

Published: Sep 2009 | Author(s): Alexey Bessudnov

L-Worlds: The Curious Preference for Low Quality and Its Norms

Published: Aug 2009 | Author(s): Diego Gambetta and Gloria Origgi

Network Effects among Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China

Published: Jun 2009 | Author(s): Yunsong Chen

Social Status in Norway

Published: Mar 2009 | Author(s): Dr Tak Wing Chan, Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, Arne Kristian Aas, Øyvind Wiborg

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