Visiting Academics

Bjorn Gernig

Visiting Researcher from the University of Bremen

Francisco Herreros

Visitor from The Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Spain

Grace Hong

Visiting researcher from National Taiwan Normal University

Daniela Irrera

Academic Visitor, 2012

Chunmei Ji

Academic Visitor, 2011

Kamila Kolpashnikova

Visitor DPhil student from Univeristy of British Columbia, Canada

Mailys Korber

Visiting Researcher from Department of Literature, Otani University

Sunil Kumar

Academic Visitor, 2010-2011

Heather Laurie

Professor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Essex

Sofia Milone

Visiting Researcher from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa

Francesco Moro

Visting Researcher from the University of Milan Bicocca, Italy

Salvatore Orlando

Visitor from University of Palermo, Italy

Berkay Ozcan

Visiting Researcher from the London School of Economics

Martina Panzarasa

Visiting PhD Student from the University of Milan

Chris Payne

Visiting Researcher from the Office of National Statistics

Robert Putnam

Visiting Researcher from the University of Harvard

Elyamine Settoul

Academic Visitor, 2011

Peter Skov

Visitor from University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Kristie Smith

Visiting Professor from Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Poh Lin Tan

Visiting PhD Student, Duke University (supervisor: Francesco Billari)

Paul Tromp

Vising Research for Dr Steven Fisher

Sian Tsuei

Visiting Researcher from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Bertrand Venard

Academic Visitor, 2010-2011

Haiyan Xiong

Visiting Researcher from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, PR China

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