Working Papers: Submission Guidelines

The Department of Sociology publishes a working paper series. We cordially invite submission from all members of the Department (full and associate members, graduate students and academic visitors). There is no topic restriction within Sociology. We welcome papers addressing issues of a substantive, theoretical, methodological or technical nature.

  • The SWP series aims to rationalise and broaden the dissemination of work done by members of the Department, thereby improving the opportunities for discussion and comments. They will also speed up the circulation of ideas during the often long waiting time before papers finally appear in journals or books.
  • We are looking for papers in good order, with bibliography, footnotes, and spell-checked. But we do not require submission to follow any particular style of referencing or citation, as long as they are complete, consistent, and are in line with the general standard of academic publication.

The SWP series is an important resource for the Department to advertise its academic qualities. We therefore retain the editorial right to reject papers we do not consider to be of sufficiently high standard.

This series is published electronically. The papers will be posted on the web page of the Department. A small number of hard copies could be made available to the authors upon request.

Please send your submission (preferably two hard copies) or direct enquiries to the Head of Administration: Maria Moreno, Department of Sociology, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ;