Student Visitors

The Department of Sociology welcomes outstanding doctoral students who wish to benefit from Oxford’s vibrant teaching and research culture and contribute to the activity of the department.

This Student Visitor Programme, together with the Academic Visitor Programme, exists to facilitate and encourage links and collaborations as well as knowledge exchange with other universities and organisations, both in the UK and overseas, and to allow doctoral students the opportunity to work with our leading academics, researchers and professionals.

If you are interested in applying, download the application form:

Application Form (Word .doc)

Please note that before completing this form, prospective student visitors need to identify and contact a full member of the Department who is willing to act as their academic mentor. Prospective visitors should discuss with their academic mentor the opportunities for contributing to the Department in their area of research and include this information on their application form.

The completed form should be sent, together with a cv, a statement of plans and evidence of the mentor's willingness to act (e.g. an email from them),and a letter from your home institution, confirming approval of your proposed visit to Receipt of your application will be acknowledged and the outcome communicated as soon as possible.