Valentina Infante Batiste

valentina infante batiste

Valentina Infante Batiste

DPhil in Sociology

Thesis: 'Memory Against the Tide: The Survival of Pro-regime Memorialisation in Democratic Chile (1990-2020)'

Supervisor: Leigh Pane

Valentina’s research and academic interest focus on the sociology of memory and human rights, monuments, transitional justice, and recent history in Chile (military regime and democratic transition). Her recent research focusses specifically on the legacies of Chile’s military regime and their impact on contemporary demands by Chilean civil society.  
Her DPhil thesis examines the conditions that enable pro-regime memory sites to survive in democracy. She aims to uncover the combinations of factors that allow for these monuments and memorials to survive until today. The results of the thesis will be useful to explain Chile’s current social and political tensions. To this end, she draws on a multi-methods approach, combining triangulation of online sources (archival, newspapers, videos), fieldwork carried out in Santiago, Chile between October 2019 through January 2021 (observations, interviews), and the research technique of Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).   
She studied History at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2008 – 2011). She then pursued a degree in Education at the same university (2012). In 2014, she was awarded the Becas Chile Scholarship and obtained a Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Studies at University College London in 2015 (with distinction). She is currently a DPhil student in the Department of Sociology, studying with the support of the Becas Chile Scholarship award (2018 – 2022).  
In the future, Valentina hopes to contribute to the academic discussion on the impact of the legacies of the past on the present, with a special focus on monuments and memorials and their role in current global protests.