Ryohei Mogi

Ryohei Mogi

Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology and Social Demography


Ryohei Mogi is a demographer and seeks to understand the fertility decline and family change by developing alternative measures and analysing the key factors of such decline and change and its consequences. He particularly focuses on childlessness, mate search, and partnership formation.

Ryohei received his Ph.D. in Demography from Autonomous University of Barcelona and Centre for Demographic Studies in 2020 and European Research Certificate in Demography from European Doctoral School of Demography at Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and La Sapienza University of Rome.


Selected Publications

Fukuda, S., Yoda, S., & Mogi, R. (forthcoming). Educational assortative mating in Japan: Evidence from the 1980–2010 Census. The Journal of Population Studies.

Riffe, T., Acosta, E., Mogi, R., & the COVerAGE-DB team. (2021). A database of age-structured COVID-19 cases and deaths (COVerAGE-DB). International Journal of Epidemiology 50(2): 390–390f.

Mogi, R. & Spijker, J. (2021). The influence of social and economic ties to the spread of COVID-19 in Europe. Journal of Population Research. (online first)

Lazzari, E., Mogi, R., & Canudas-Romo, V. (2021). Educational gradient and parity contribution to completed cohort fertility change in low fertility settings. Population Studies 75(2): 153–167.

Mogi, R., Nisén, J., & Canudas-Romo, V. (2021). Cross-sectional average length of life childless. Demography 58(1): 321–344.

Mogi, R. & del Mundo, M. (2020). Decomposing changes in first birth trends: Quantum, timing, or variance. Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 18: 167–184.

Esteve, A., Boertien, D., Mogi, R., & Lozano, M. (2020). Moving out the parental home and partnership formation as social determinants of low fertility. Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 18: 33–37.

Uchikoshi, F. & Mogi, R. (2018). Order matters: The effect of premarital pregnancy on second childbearing in Japan. Demographic Research 39(48): 1305–1330.

Mogi, R. & Canudas-Romo, V. (2018). Expected years ever married. Demographic Research 38(47): 1423–1456.

Mogi, R. (2015). The change of women work-arrangements in Spain. Journal of Economics 44: 41–56. [in Japanese]

Book Chapters

Mogi, R. & Canudas-Romo, V. (2020). Cross-sectional average length of life by parity: Illustration for the US cohorts in reproductive ages in 2015. In Schoen, R. (Ed.), Analyzing Contemporary Fertility (pp. 293–306). Springer.