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Per Block

Departmental Research Lecturer


Per Block’s research area is the Sociology of Networks. This entails the analysis of interpersonal networks (explicitly excluding online networks) with a focus on structural patterns that represent the interdependence of different observations, as well as the development of new methodology and furthering our understanding of the current statistical network toolbox. His current research project combines the modelling of social networks and research on social mobility. The aim of the project  is to uncover how macro-level mobility patterns are brought about through social relations, applying the novel statistical methodology. Aside these primary interest, Per Block actively collaborates across disciplinary boundaries to broadly further the understanding of network processes in science. His work is published in leading journals in Sociology and Psychology, in specialised Methodology and Social Network journals, and in leading General Science journals.

Per Block joined the Leverhulme Centre and the department of Sociology in 2020. Previously he was a researcher, lecturer, and ETH fellow at the ETH Zurich (2014-2019). He holds a DPhil (2014) and MSc (2010) in Sociology from Oxford, and a Diplom (pre-Bologna combined BSc + MSc degree) in Chemistry (2008) from Marburg, with a specialisation in Nuclear Medicine.