Matthew Henglong Luo

Matthew Henglong Luo

DPhil in Sociology 

Thesis: 'Rationality and Embeddedness: Apply Human Capital to Gender Inequalities and Social Capital'

Supervisor(s): Man-Yee Kan

Matthew is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. Prior to Oxford, he studied sociology of education at Cambridge and earned an MPhil with distinction (ranked Top 1 of the program) in 2020. Prior to Cambridge, he studied at UCL School of Management. He obtained a degree of MSc Management with distinction and in Dean's List in 2017, and a MRes Management in 2018.

Apart from research, Matthew is keen on teaching as well. He served as a teaching assistant during 2018-2019 and 2020-2021 for an undergraduate course, Strategy by Design, at UCL School of Management, and during 2018-2019 for Corporate Strategy in the UCL-Peking University MBA program.

Research interests: Broadly, Matthew is interested in how human beings' decisions are shaped by economical rationality and social embeddedness, including topics pertaining to gender inequalities, social capital, economic sociology, social psychology etc.. In particular, Matthew is keen on theoretically driven and empirically applied questions, applying economic and psychological perspectives to study sociological topics, and applying sociological perspectives to study organizational contexts.