Filip Agneessens

Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the Surrey Business School (University of Surrey)

Filip Agneessens is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the Surrey Business School (University of Surrey) and the programme leader for the 4-year PhD in Management. He received a PhD in Sociology from Ghent University.
His research centres on social network analysis with a specific focus on methodology/statistics and applications to organisational settings. He is especially interested in how network relations between employees come about, and how they subsequently impacts outcomes (such as well-being, turnover and individual and team performance). He has also been working on mathematical models for analysing complete networks and on typologies for social support (ego-networks).
His work has been published in leading social science journals, such as Social Networks, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management, British Journal of Social Psychology, International Journal of Nursing Studies and the Journal of Mathematical Sociology. He guest-edited a special issue on two-mode social network analysis in the journal Social Networks (with Martin Everett) and is currently guest-editing a second special issue on negative and signed networks (with Joe Labianca and Nicholas Harrigan). He is also currently working on a chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Social Networks.
He teaches various courses on network theory, social network methods and social network analysis applied to organisations, sociology and political sciences, including at the Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis (University of Essex) and the Links Center (University of Kentucky).

Agneessens, F. (in preparation) Dyadic, Individual and Group-level Approaches to Study the Antecedents and Consequences of Networks: Which Social Network Models to Use and When? In: Light, R. and Moody, J. Oxford Handbook of Social Networks.
Meeussen, L., Agneessens, F., Delvaux, E., Phalet, K. (In press) Ethnic Diversity and Value Sharing: A Longitudinal Social Network Perspective on Interactive Group Processes. British Journal of Social Psychology (DOI:10.1111/bjso.12237)
Agneessens, F., Borgatti, S.P., & Everett, M.G. (2017). Geodesic based centrality: Unifying the local and the global. Social Networks 49, 12-26.
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