Anna Krausova

Anna Krausova

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow


Does protest matter? My current research focuses on the consequences of social movements in general, and protest in particular. In my postdoctoral project, I am particularly interested in examining whether and how the signalling of authenticity on the part of movement activists and organisations matters for movement outcomes. To do so, I am connecting sociological theories of protest and framing to political theories of recognition and authenticity, and analysing empirical cases ranging from indigenous protest in Chile to refugee-rights activism in the UK. This builds on my DPhil research, which showed that without analysing different claiming and framing strategies within indigenous peoples' movements in Latin America, we cannot fully understand their divergent outcomes. Theoretically, I am fascinated by questions of multiculturalism, diversity and difference. This also links to my research on migration in the UK, which I have analysed quantitatively and spatially at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society. I am passionate about mixed methods and interdisciplinary research, and about building a North-South dialogue between Latin American and Northern scholarship.  

Research Areas: political sociology, social movements, protest, identity politics, multiculturalism, migration


Political Sociology

Sociological Theory 

Latin American Politics