The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology

Oxford University Press, Jan 2009

Coauthor: Peter Hedström

Coeditor: Peter Hedström

Contributor(s): Diego Gambetta, Michael Biggs

Analytical sociology is a strategy for understanding the social world. It is concerned with explaining important social facts such as network structures, patterns of residential segregation, typical beliefs, cultural tastes, and common ways of acting. It explains such facts by detailing in clear and precise ways the mechanisms through which the social facts were brought about. Making sense of the relationship between micro and macro thus is one of the central concerns of analytical sociology. The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology (Oxford University Press, 2009) is coedited by Peter Hedström; he also coauthors two introductory chapters. There is a chapter on signalling theory by Diego Gambetta, and one on self-fulfilling prophecies by Michael Biggs.