Is the Mafia Taking over Cybercrime?
Posted: 14 Aug 2018

Dr Jonathan Lusthaus presented at Black Hat 2018 in Las Vegas on "Is the Mafia Taking over Cybercrime?", with coverage by Dark Reading and Axios.

'Organized crime organizations play less of a role in cybercrime than you'd think. Instead, a new generation of criminal entrepreneurs runs much of the cyberattack operations worldwide, according to new research presented here today.
Over a seven-year period, Jonathan Lusthaus, from the human cybercriminal project at Oxford University's sociology department, studied the role of mafia/organizations in cybercrime in 20 different countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Nigeria, Brazil, China, and the US. He found that while organized crime provides help or guidance to cybercrime gangs or campaigns in some cases, the bulk of these hacking enterprises are conducted by a new breed of criminal.' - by Kelly Jackson Higgins at Dark Reading 

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Jonathan Lusthaus, Director of the Human Cybercriminal Project & Commonwealth Bank Fellow