Guilt over household chores is ‘harming working women’s health’
Posted: 19 Feb 2018

A new article by Naomi Larsson in The Guardian discusses data from a new working paper by Professor J Gershuny, the Co-Director of the Centre for Time Use Research (CTUR).

Guilt about not doing enough housework may be harming working women’s health, according to new analysis of data from the International Social Survey Programme.
Article notes that in the UK, averaging across all seven days of the week, women and men now spend a near-identical amount of time working when household chores are. But men are paid for almost 25% more of their work. And men are also paid better, both in the UK and across the world. The data comes from a new working paper by by Oxford University’s Centre for Time Use Research (CTUR)a gender analysis of 75 national time-use surveys for people aged 20–59 from 24 countries over the last 58 years.

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Jonathan Gershuny is Professor of Sociology, Director of CTUR, Fellow of Nuffield College