The Importance of the Everyday: Young People’s Use of Time and its Impact on their Life Trajectory

Principal Investigator: Evrim Altintas


Does how young people use their daily time influence their futures? This research examines the extent to which the daily activities and social interactions of young people affect adult outcomes such as employment and family formation.

The study will extend the BCS70 materials by including a hardly-used diary study of respondents in 1986. This will allow tracing of the mechanisms through which young people's time use patterns lead to short- and long-term future outcomes while controlling for prior observed conditions including early childhood circumstances and measured cognitive abilities. The research then locates the young people's daily activity patterns in a broader comparative and historical context, using cross-national and repeated cross-sectional time diary data from Britain and 13 other countries in conjunction with relevant policy implementations of the period. Crucially, the study will provide insight on how and why time use matters for both the individual and society.

This research is supported by the British Academy through its Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme.

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