The Enjoyment of Family Time in France and the UK

Principal Investigator: Man Yee Kan


The Enjoyment of Family Time in France and UK is a collaboration with Anne Lhuissier and France Caillavet, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) funded by the British Academy.

The research aims to study people's enjoyment with the time spent at home and with family members. Data are from time diary surveys in the UK (2000-01, 2011) and France (1998-99, 2010-11) and the France Decision Making within Couples Survey (2010). We will employ high-quality episode-level enjoyment data from France (2010-11) and UK (2011) to examine the association between family time and enjoyment. We will focus on three types of activities: food consumption, leisure, and domestic work. We will investigate the time spent on these activities when the individuals were at home (c.f. time spent outside the home), and with family members (c.f. time spent alone). Time at home and time with family are important indicators of the quality of modern life. They have direct implications for one's health and well-being. We will examine whether the amount of family time together varies among socio-economic groups and how this affects individuals' level of enjoyment. The research will therefore provide insights into how the society is stratified by the quality of life and the level of happiness.

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