The Business of Human Rights: Patterns and Remedies in Corporate Abuses

Principal Investigator: Leigh Payne


This British Academy Small Research Grant, led by Professor Leigh Payne, analyses the factors that explain businesses' direct or indirect commission of human rights abuses and the reduction of those abuses.

Businesses are increasingly implicated in human rights violations. Nonetheless neither scholars nor policy makers have systematically analysed the factors likely to lead to such abuses or reducing them. This project endeavours to fill that gap. It involves a pilot study on corporate human rights abuses in Latin America, a region that includes the variation necessary to test theoretically-driven assumptions regarding possible causal factors and remedies. The project will contribute to empirically-grounded theory and policy development while also building a foundation for future global research.

The researchers will present their results at professional academic venues and in policy fora, with the goal of publishing scholarly and policy papers. The PIs' extensive scholarship on business and on human rights uniquely qualify them for this project. Their links to the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights and the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre will facilitate their development of a comprehensive database and a policy blueprint.

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