Cameras, Accelerometers and Diaries for Sleep and Exercise Research (CADSER)

Principal Investigator: Jonathan Gershuny


The Centre for Time Use Research (CTUR), in the Sociology Department has constructed the largest and most carefully harmonized cross-time cross-national collection of diary records (the Multinational Time Use Study, MTUS) available anywhere in the world. In this project, the CTUR links with Charlie Foster's British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group, and Russell Foster's Wellcome Trust-funded Centre for Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience in applying the MTUS to investigate a range of health issues related to exercise, sedentary behaviour and sleep.

We propose now to use Kelly's experimental data, combining subjects own-words diaries, accelerometer logs and visual records from a small camera throughout the day, with some further small-scale experimental work, as a pilot project for a larger exercise collecting similar data for a sample that can be effectively matched to the MTUS, so as to provide an appropriate evidential basis of the consequences of historical changes in exercise and sleep.

The team is comprised of Prof Jonathan Gershuny in the Sociology Department, Profs Charlie Foster and Russell Foster, Dr Teresa Harms, and the key post-doctoral researcher Paul Kelly.


Funding Provider

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Oxford Institutional Strategic Support Fund/Wellcome Trust

Research Associate

  • Teresa Harms

Research Centre

  • Centre for Time Use Research